Kika is passionate about using her platform to give back to the community.

Not only has she spread awareness about important social issues but she’s also donated to communities in need.

Pandemic Aid


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kika donated PPE to vulnerable individuals in the UK. She handed out over 250 face masks spread between 40 homes to the elderly and disabled.

Additionally, Kika also gave back to her home country in Nigeria by distributing 5kg bags of rice to 50 families in the Mushin and Ajegunle districts of Lagos. Her generous food donations helped those who were economically at risk due to the pandemic’s impact on work.

To raise awareness about sickle cell Disease, a UN-recognised, global health issue that disproportionately affects babies from Sub-Saharan Africa, Kika spoke at the New York United Nations Headquarters in March of 2019.

An issue that is close to her heart, she decided to speak out after her first-hand experiences with a friend who had battled the disease. This has also inspired Kika to work towards improving access to medical care for Nigerians in rural communities.


Here at the Kika Osunde Foundation, there is a greater understanding that one has not been blessed solely for oneself but for the purpose of bettering their community. We acknowledge the blessings and opportunities that have led us to this position. We desire to give those from poorer communities and developing ecosystems within Africa and Europe a fighting chance, at creating a sustainable income, learning skills that will aid them for the ages in life and business and bettering the quality of their daily lives. Part of the inception of this foundation is also the drive to offer targeted support to technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Africa, and Europe as we understand this in turn betters the quality of ecosystems and local and national economies, further bettering business and opportunity for the individual.

We aim to do this through financially elevating poorer communities by providing funded schemes to support and continuously improve the generation of small businesses and entrepreneurship across Africa and Europe. The main tool people from this demographic and that fit our criteria will be able to access is Financial & Non-financial Support through our Entrepreneur Fund Program — a standardized holistic tool aimed at supporting entrepreneurs through:

1. Providing affordable and accessible financing

2. Provision of entrepreneurship training and personal development support

3. Access to mentorships from experts and high value members in relevant industries

4. Providing micro and small to medium enterprises with ongoing support, ensuring their businesses are de-risked making them attractive and furthermore lucrative to potential investors

5. Creating sustainable employment opportunities and tailored solutions to developmental challengers within Africa through the building successful and fool proof businesses within the African Landscape

6. Providing convertible loans to meet operational costs and capital expenses

7. Provision of training in specific areas relevant business operations i.e., finance and financial reporting, marketing, business plan development etc.

It is our hope and goal, to create a substantial and positive exchange between poorer communities and individuals or organisations with an immense scale of expertise and knowledge, to help improve the lives of people living in developing ecosystems and economies. We understand that not everyone is exposed to the same level of opportunity, support and guidance and we firmly believe that this foundation will be a platform upon which we can provide those without this opportunity the chance to make a way for themselves, to encourage the shift from unemployed to entrepreneur.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

To inspire and empower young Africans, especially those in diaspora, to create a self sustaining path for themselves; By providing access to a diverse pool of capacity training, transformational exposure and funding engagements

To build a highly sustainable network of individuals who constantly and willingly contribute to Africa’s growth and enterprise development