My Big Skincare Secret

30. October 2021

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The skincare blog you have been patiently waiting for. It’s just a tiny bit delayed, but my team’s in beta.

I have to say, aside from all the questions about my weight loss, one of the most common questions I get a lot is: “How do you achieve your clear, amazing skin?”. Although I usually shy away from talking about it now seems like a good time to share. With heavy disclaimers as the big secret is indeed a bit dangerous and should only be taken under a dermatologist’s supervision.

The big secret is…

Isotretinoin (AKA Roaccutane)! an oral vitamin A derivative commonly referred to as Retinoids that clears up any type of acne by decolonizing the P. acnes bacteria from the face. It’s a serious drug though and can cause a host of side effects that vary by the person, so please talk to a doctor before you take this. However, if your acne is severe then it might be worth a try. Honestly though, although pretty much anybody can buy this drug online, I wouldn’t recommend this drug to just anyone because Google can tell if people are honest in the forums. lol.

On a serious note though: please first consult a doctor as this drug has serious side effects including dry, fragile skin, aching muscles, increased risk of liver inflammation, and even links to depression, suicide, birth defects, premature birth, and loss of a fetus.

When I began treatment, I started with a 40mg pill, which I finished quickly (in approximately 10 days but it does depend on your case). I moved to the 30mg prescription, which resolved my acne within about a month. Depending on your case, the recommendation differs. 3-6 months for mild acne and 6-9 for more severe acne. Today I share my experience with you, in the hope that it helps you find what will work for your skin too. However, it’s very important to note that I take precautions before taking any medication, well before it can have direct effects on me or my baby.😜

My next hack is face shaving. That’s right, you read it right – I literally shave my face off. It’s incredibly satisfying and when someone is walking by in the house when I’m doing my thing. It always gets a “What the actual..?” response. Then I tell them about how it keeps peach fuzz from clogging pores and prevents rosacea and they’re all like “Oh, that sounds reasonable.”

Plus, doing this trick will help your foundation look even better because it leaves the skin feeling even, much smoother, and more flawless (it’s a makeup artist’s dream).

Something else you should know about me…is my love for Vitamin E. I just find it to be the holy grail that I would recommend to anyone and everyone looking to get silky skin that feels incredible. Seriously, what’s not to love about it? I get mine from Holland & Barrett which I use topically (I don’t drink it). I use it every morning and night and also as a makeup primer.

The next hack, shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve been paying attention. It’s my favorite go-to weekly beauty infusion drip – called Hollywood glow. Aside from how it makes me feel, which is amazing. It also helps achieve an even, glowing skin tone.

A more recent addition to my skincare regime has been Vichy’s Minéral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Booster. If you’re someone who is also on the go a lot, then you’ll understand how important it is to keep your skin hydrated – and this miracle booster will help. The gel is lightweight and absorbs easily, the formula keeps skin looking plump, and the overall product will make sure that your natural skin barrier is protected. It’s a must try! 

Another new addition I absolutely can’t forget to mention is Biossance’s Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil, an essential product if you want your skin to really glow (and I mean glow). To keep dull skin at bay, you need to have this product at hand. Not only will it brighten up your face and give it a natural looking glow, but it’ll also level your skin tone for an even complexion – what more could you want? 

After reading all of the above, my skincare recommendations may seem a little unusual, and you may think I go to excessive lengths to ensure my skin is at its best – but seeing as my skin is super awesome and magical, it appears my methods work well.

If you know how to use all these products well, there is no doubt that your skin will also be baby smooth. Maybe you may feel like the sun is glowing from within your skin once you start using these!!!! 

Until Next Time

Lots of Love, Kika