Dreading in Skims x Fendi

22. November 2021

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Stylist: @class_corner

For this outfit, the bold Fendi x Skims purple nylon tights had to be the star of the show! Pairing it with a smart Claudie Pierlot black stretch skirt giving a formal “lunch in Paris” kind of vibe mixed with the new season daily paper mesh black motif top allowed your look to have a spin on the classic classy lunch look.

Huge shoutout to my hairstylist @eugenze for literally forcing me to do this hairstyle. @eugenze is fond of pushing me out of my comfort zone and trying new styles. She spent over 24 hours doing my butterfly dreads. She firstly customized my @goodhairltd full lace wig then attached the butterfly crochet dreads on (one by one). Hats off to you @eugenze. But, in true Kika style, I wanted them longer and more fierce. I arranged for my braids specialist @kumbasecka to meet us at the studio to help us achieve this. Overall, I really love the turnout. It’s edgy, cool, and sexy!

MUA: @mahinamakeup
It’s no secret that whenever Kika makes changes to her style, whether it’s the addition of Long Butterfly Faux Locs and a sleek blown-out cat-eye or 90s inspired hair and soft glam, it’s an instant hit. When I work with Kika I love to review the aspects of the entire look from hair, outfit, accessories to come up with the finer details of the glam. We chose this neutral, sleek blown-out cat eye as it perfectly complemented the ethereal, low maintenance, and natural-looking vibe of the brown Butterfly Locs. For this look, it was really all about the layering of the neutral and brown eyeshadows to sculpt that cat-eye illusion. The look also featured sculpted high cheekbones, smooth dewy skin, and glossy lips.