Easy Does It

10. November 2021

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As much as I love Issey Miyake, wearing this brand is about one thing – the perfect feel-good outfit. The brand is comfortable, easy, and versatile, which is exactly how it should be. It has a laid-back vibe to it, but it retains an easy elegance. What you probably don’t know is this fit is actually from the men’s wear collection. Yeah, I wasn’t really feeling the women’s collection this season, it was giving me maternity vibes 🙈.

I recently wore it for my friend’s daughter’s baptism, and I paired it with my Dalmatian Tom Ford padlock heels. I went for the more tonal colours because it’s something that’s really in right now. The hints of gold from my bag really elevate this as it adds an extra element of opulence. This outfit is an example of high-end hype meets classic and refined fashion. This ying-yang really offsets masculinity and femininity because it’s so outlandish.

If you want to look and feel comfortable, easy, and laid back, Issey Miyake is the brand for you.

Happy shopping ladies xoxo

Wig: Good Hair (here) Install by snobbstylist
Makeup by me Sourced by elitepersonalshopper