Varsity Vibes

18. December 2021

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Stylist @class_corner

For this look, we wanted to keep it cool and casual for an everyday running-around vibe. Kika is wearing the cream Daily Paper wide-leg jogging pants paired with the cream cotton Daily Paper long sleeve. This creates a great base for any outfit and allows you to make the next layer of clothing stand out even more, becoming more of an accessory.

We then selected the Vintage Daily Paper varsity jacket. Varsity jackets are great staple items, as they add to any basic outfit and can be dressed up or down. The bold green color forms a break between the neutral tones, becoming the focus of the outfit. By throwing it over your shoulders, it elevates the ensemble and gives a softer & chic element to this typically masculine item of clothing.

To Finish off the look Kika is wearing the Travis Scott Jordan 1’s. The brown and cream compliments the color palette of the overall look, bringing it all together to form the perfect chilled everyday London vibe!

Kika @kikagoodhair

For the hair. I wanted to do something fun and playful. I brought back my “Brass & Copper” @goodhairltd from 2 years ago. Eugenie did a classic Hollywood wave on me then but decided to give me a completely different look today. @eugenze created a fun and sleek half updo with two-layered bangs to frame my face.

Happy shopping ladies xoxo

Wig by Good Hair Install by Eugenie