Get The Lambo Look

13. January 2022

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Hey everyone! Not long ago I took part in another street style shoot taken by @nikodays. To set the scene, we parked a black Lamborghini Aventador in the middle of a petrol station, keeping the trademark scissor doors open for dramatic effect. The interesting contrast between the luxury vehicle and the urban backdrop made for some stunning snaps. Needless to say, I’m so excited to share the finished photos with you all!

This time, I went for an all-black look, having plenty of fun playing around with different materials and textures. The central piece was a cropped Alexander Wang cardi with a twist. It had a scrunchy satin-cloqué texture just like those popcorn tops that were popular in the 90s (who else remembers those?) To balance out this playful element, I paired the cardi with an exposed bra to achieve a slightly edgier vibe.

I also wore Wang black leather trousers, the kind that makes you feel powerful as soon as you put them on. Then, I completed the ensemble with pointed Tom Ford pumps. Overall, I adore how this outfit turned out. The pieces complemented each other really well, creating a stylish, all-black look that was anything but boring.

For a nice change of pace, I did my own makeup. I initially prepared my skin by applying Holland & Barretts’ Vitamin E Oil as a primer. Next up was the base. I went for a flawless look featuring the Nars liquid foundation in Nadiz and two Tarte concealers in the shades of 53N deep and 365 medium tan sand. Also on the agenda was my Nars highlighter for extra sheen, a gorgeous SO aesthetic rose blush on my cheeks, and two Destinee Beauty lip glosses in the colors spice and wife.

Thanks to @tashaslashes_ and their beauty treatments, my lashes and eyebrows were already ready and raring to go. At their salon, I get their wispy eyelash extensions and laminated eyebrows done for full, luscious, and healthy results.

Now onto the hair where one of my current favorite styles made a return. I modeled my blonde, 7-year-old Good Hair wig that @eugenze ingeniously revamped into beautiful braids. I adore the contrast it made against the black clothing, adding a feminine touch to the entire ensemble.

So, what do you think? Personally, I couldn’t be happier with the final look and photos!

Until Next Time,

Lots of Love, Kika.


📸: @nikodays
💇🏾‍♀️: @goodhairltd X @eugenze
💄: @tashaslashes_