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22. February 2022

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while. But don’t worry, I’m back with another stylish ensemble I’ve been dying to share with you all. It’s a cool yet leisurely look featuring pieces that, in my opinion, were destined to be together. Here’s the lowdown:

First up, I wore a varsity-style jumper from Bearded Genius, an eastern-inspired streetwear brand known for its utilitarian designs and military motifs. What I love most about this piece is the camo-printed M that really stands out, as well as the soft organic cotton material (so, so comfy to wear around the home or on the go).

Next, I paired the jumper with joggers from Bearded Genius. Now, if you’re not familiar with the brand, they’re an innovative streetwear label from Nigeria — represent! As you may know, I love incorporating Nigerian or UK brands into looks featuring high-end labels, and this ensemble was no different. I went for a pair of joggers from BG’s collection that has large pockets, a relaxed drawstring waist, and come in a cool camo green color.

The sneaker choice of the day was a pair from Lanvin that I got to rock in their latest, exclusive colour. They’re also currently Lanvin’s hot sellers, and I can see why! The sneaker’s eye-catching zig zag laces were a fun addition to the entire look.

To elevate the look even further, I also opted for a pair of classic black shades from Linda Farrow and a short, brunette bob with bangs from the Good Hair store. I adore the way the sleek hairstyle frames my face; a fantastic finishing touch.

Overall, I love how this look turned out. It had all the elements of a great streetwear outfit: style, comfort, and the right amount of edge. I hope you adore it just as much as I do!

Until Next Time,

Lots of Love, Kika.

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