My Take On Squid Games

14. October 2021

First of all. OH. MY. GOODNESS!

Let me say that I was pleasantly surprised by the show as a whole! What a show. What a plot twist, I certainly was not expecting that, at all! Reminded me very much of the plot in SAW.

Overall I enjoyed it. It evoked different emotions in me; I laughed, nearly cried (nearly) lol. I was at the edge of my seat basically the entire time, the suspense was a lot.

I’m not one to follow hype but I have to say, the show deserves all the hype it’s getting. It was well written and well directed. It was also nice to have an insight on the games Koreas played as kids. I found it interesting how the show juxtaposed kids games with… Well I won’t give too much away.

I’m sure everyone can relate to a character in the show. I related well with the main character (the winner), I personally feel like I possess many of the same character traits.

What I have personally learned from the show is that it’s survival of the smartest and most ruthless; Don’t be so quick to trust and sometimes being kind doesn’t really help.

I’ve seen the show described as a dystopian drama, but I feel like so much of it applies in real life. The lessons on the lengths people will go to just to survive can be seen every day.

Hats off to Korean filmmakers, it was such a good watch. But genuine question… Why has no one ever recommended Korean shows to me, ever? Do better guys 😉


Couldn’t have said it better. Worth the hype, worth the watch! … Congratulations on the new blog… still waiting on our “Keeping up with kika” reality Tv show. Xo, @donnabrows.

Ps:I’m a handwriting freak and this font is giving me Life! 💯