Pretty In Jacquemus

15. November 2021

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I’ve personally never favored the color pink. Particularly because I feel like such bright colours don’t really compliment me. However, when I went shopping in Copenhagen, I found the most amazing vibrant pink Jacquemus jumper. From the touch and feel of it, I knew it would be perfect for those chilly autumn days and cold winter months.

Indeed, I judged the situation well. The jumper is very soft and cozy and I’ve been wearing it non-stop (twice to be precise lol).

As seen in the photos, I couldn’t leave with just the jumper. I also took a liking to the Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud Bag in pink. I think this is one of the trendiest bags I’ve added to my collection. The texture and feel of the material looks and feels luxurious. My favorite feature of the bag is the long strap. I just love how it’s longer than the actual bag. Although some may find it a bit peculiar, I think it actually adds a lot of versatility and makes it really easy to carry in the crook of my arm.

My only complaint about this outfit is the Jacquemus Arancia high-rise leggings. Although I think the leggings pair really well with the jumper, bag and sandal, they don’t fit as well as I would liked. I was literally readjusting them every two seconds because they were sagging. I left the apartment wearing a figure hugging legging and returned with culottes covers face.

To complete the look, I wore my Alexander Wang pink Nova sandals. I’ve had this pair for years now and they always come in handy.

Overall, I’m pretty happy wearing Jacquemus. Some of the fits aren’t as figure-hugging as I would like them to be but the materials are high quality and the price point is attainable.

What do you think of the color and styling? Would you style it differently?

Happy shopping ladies xoxo

Wig: Good Hair (here) Install by Eugenie
Makeup: Mana Mumin (here)


I really love the colour pink, i honestly won’t style it differently but if i would, a nice low rise baggy jean would be my go-to. Amazing look KIKA ❤️


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