Making Moves: Evening Standard Feature

1. September 2022

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Hey everyone! August flew by, right? Overall, this month has been full of gratitude, growth, and success – but there’s one achievement in particular I just can’t stop smiling about. On August 19th, The Evening Standard released an article showcasing 10 of the best Snapchatters to follow in the UK, and I made the cut. I still can’t believe it!

The list featured huge names on the platform like Aitch and Chunks, so it was an honour to be included as a ‘Snap Star’ alongside such incredible creators. On the app, I spend so much time curating content for my subscribers, so I’m thrilled to see my work recognised in a popular publication.

If you’ve not read the article already, here’s what they wrote for my segment:

“Kika is a beauty, fashion and hair enthusiast, serial entrepreneur and content creator. She is described as the “auntie” of Snapchat by Snapchatters as she shares life advice and hosts frequent Q&As with her community.”

I love how they included my title of Snapchat ‘auntie’ – LOL. It’s always a pleasure reaching out to subscribers and answering their Q&A questions, all while keeping things 100% real. You guys mean a lot to me, so I want to keep on creating content that resonates. In the future, expect many more snaps on fashion, beauty, hair, travel, luxury and all that good stuff.

Most of all, thanks for coming along with me on my journey. This feature wouldn’t have happened without you guys, so let’s keep this sense of community and growth going!

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Until Next Time,

Lots of Love, Kika.